Two Past Lives of Reyna Joe

Reyna Joe, Journalist & TV Producer
Curaçao, The Dutch Antilles, 2009-01-22


My regression with Martien

I met Martien Verstraaten in 1992 when he came to Curaçao. My company was contacted to help him with the promotion and publicity of his paragnostic project on the island. I did not really have immediately a non-professional relationship with him. It must have been about five years ago when he returned that we really communicated about his paragnostic work. First I was not really interested to let him do anything for me but after organizing two other events for him in Curaçao I accepted his challenge to let him do a regression session with me. I postponed it but persistent Martien got his chance.

I chose a Saturday afternoon and had the session done in the open air in my garden. This was a site that I felt pleasantly embraced by and I wanted Martien to proof me that he could do it.

Martien came with his friend and assistant Angel Salsbach. I had to sit in front of the two of them.

The session started with some questions and without much effort I was experiencing two stories that came for me out of that session. One where I was a businessman dressed in an elegant red and black velvet suit with gold buttons, a suit that could have been medieval European. I died in that lifetime at the age of 54.

The other experience was one where I was a rich single lonely woman living with too many people to serve me and constantly sitting outside in a large impressive beautiful garden with flowers, writing poetry and feeling terribly bored. I died in that lifetime at the age of 36.

Both stories did impress me because of the many details that I still remember. It felt real and I even could feel the weather, smell the surroundings and have strong emotions during certain experiences.

The whole situation was more vividly than my actual dreams. This is how regression became real for me. It happened to me and I have no reason not to trust this experience. And remarkably: the session lasted.

I am still trying to think of the messages that I got during this regression by Martien Verstraaten. And since the information that I got during the regression did not fade away, I trust that one day I may know why I was reminded of specifically these two past lives. Who knows.

Thank you Martien.


Reyna Joe, January 2009