Celestial nights with the goddesses of Salsa and Tango


Martien DOS, man of Salsa and Shamanism: ‘dance is the religion of the night’


H o m a g e   t o   a l l   t h e   i n s t r u c t o r s   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   h o w   t o   d a n c e
H o m a g e   t o   a l l   t h e   g i r l s   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   w h y   t o   d a n c e
H o m a g e   t o   a l l   s p i r i t s   a n d   o r i x á s   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   w h a t   t o   d a n c e

H o m a g e   t o   t h e   i n s t r u c t o r s   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   h o w   t o   d a n c e

Ewald Sitemodel  Lalo Sitemodel copy  Ricardo Sitemodel  Stanley Sitemodel  RichardAgatha Sitemodel


Ewald Chocolaad from Curaçao (in memoriam)
Merengue, Cuban Salsa, Son Montuno, Bolero, Mazurka, Antillean Waltz,
Tumba, Tambu, Cumbia, Soca, Kadans, Guaracha, Joropo and Samba

Lalo Diaz & Mirta Campos from Buenos Aires
Tango & Milonga

Ricardo Tjon A Sin from Surinam (in memoriam)
All kind of fine steps of Salsa, Merengue & Bachata

Stanley Dongen from Aruba
Cuban Salsa & sweet Brazilian Zouk

Richard Agatha from Curaçao
Super Salsa New York / LA Style & Rueda


H o m a g e   t o   a l l   t h e   g i r l s   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   w h y   t o   d a n c e


From all kind of sensual Antillean lovers and lovers of dance I learned…
Subtle Antillean Salsa dance passes close together on a square meter
Thanks to the Dutch Antilles and to Sharine, Solayka, Marlyn, Maureen, Xiomara, Neffie, Caline, Jessica, Aines, Luzet, Linda, Mary-Lou, Olivia, Tyneke, Nathaly, Tushi, Ingrid, Noraida, Farah, Ilène, Jamila, Magali, Asyla, Tamara, Kathie, Esmaly, Moniek, Tika, Darlene and hundreds, probably thousand of other princesses of The Troubadour, Bringamosa, Landhuis Brievengat, Blauwbaai, Piscadera, Playa Canoa, former Club L.A. and nightclub Façade at Saligna.

From all kind of sweet Dominican lovers and lovers of dance I learned…
All the super romantic Bachata moves of the Dominican Republic
Thanks to the Dominican Republic and to Fior, Cynthia, Fatima, Suhei, Rosana, Luisa, Nelia, Fabeana, Genesis, Marcia, Penelope, Kiurus, Elisabeth, Sugeirys, Vanessa and all the others at Tele Oferta, Boca Chica, Hotel and Casino Jaragua, Carwash discos and in all Salsatecas of Zona Oriental.

From all kind of passionate Brazilian lovers and lovers of dance I learned…
Hot Samba no Pé, Brazlian Zouk, Gafieira & Forró at the celebration of São João
Thanks to Brazil and to beautiful Valeria, to Nadia, Christiane, Ivanir, Rita, Lena, Rosa, Anita, Val, Andréa, Adriane, Adreana, Gicele, Eunice, Milene, Camila, Inez, Marcia, Eliene and all I forgot to mention from Katendê, Pelourinho, Barra, Casquinha de Siri, Boca do Rio and Santo Antônio de Jesus.

From all kind of dedicated  and snow-white western Salsa lovers I learned…
White Caucasian girls can have a black soul meanwhile performing fabulous
Thanks to Belgium, Holland  and Miami and to Lize, Esther, Moyra, Corrie, Jennie, Corine, Mickey, Noëlla, Astrid, Laura, Sandra, Aniek, Cora, Lianne, Tamara, Linda, Helena, Sammy, Jane, Mechteld, Chikita, Elise, Irene, Nancy, Lily, Jeannet, Mireille, Sanne, Daniella, Alisha, Nikita, Susanna, Clair, Erna, Cheeru, Kenymaria, Brigitte, Mirjam, Petra, Joana, Kostana, Janine, Ellen, Kim, Zuzana, Mikal, Anneloes, Judith, Tanja, Eveline, Hester, Janine, Karin, Len, Michelle, Elise, San and all performing princesses of Calle Ocho Miami, Cantinero, Panama, El Brillante, de Gooische Matras, het Rode Hart, de Winkel van Sinkel, Café Local and Vyssotski.


H o m a g e   t o   t h e   o r i x á s   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   w h a t   t o   d a n c e

OrixaSterk site   OxumGeel site   OrixaGrey site   StippelOrixa site

The Goddess Oxum, Orixá of the sensual dances, the Afro-Brazilian black Venus…
The sensual Orixá, dancing with and within Martien DOS
Brazilian Oxum, Orixá of love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, diplomacy, maternity and marriage, gifts and faculties identically allotting to Venus and the sign of Libra, in Cuba called Ochun, in West-Africa Oshun, the Goddess of the river Osun in Africa, vain but also gentile, her dance is the famous and sweet Ijexá, favorite wife of Xangó. Her metals are gold and copper, her color of course, yellow. Oshun is the Yoruba understanding of the cosmological forces of water, moisture, and attraction. Men easily fall under the hypnotic spell of her sensuality, and lose their mind completely.


H o m a g e   t o   t h e   s p i r i t   w h o   t a u g h t   m e   h o w ,   w h y   a n d   w h a t   t o   d a n c e

Baillarina SS filmstrook

A Bailarina Portuguesa, an incarnation of Martien…
The Portuguese woman from the 16th century, dancing with and within me
A Bailarina Portuguesa’ lived in the middle of the 16th century and was a slender woman with long black hair, born in the North of Portugal. Dancing and performing as a mediumistic dancer in Portugal and Spain. Her gift was to tune into the rhythm of all kind of men and women,  to heal them physically, mentally or socially.  In the present she wakes up completely during dancing nights to influence others positively through the dancing moves of Martien DOS.

For the complete story of the past life of Martien Verstraaten as ‘A Bailarina Portuguesa’,
look at:





Dancing into the present

MartienElisangelaSalsa copy

MartienElisangelaSalsa copy







For many nights of dancing,
heaven came down to earth,

as spirits incorporated dancers,
and dancers followed spirits,
as dance is the religion of the night.

Martien Verstraaten, man of Salsa and Shamanism



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